Koene Courier Service (KCS)

Koene Courier Service, LLC has been making business deliveries since 2009. We are your all-purpose delivery company for anything from an envelope to a pallet of freight. We specialize in dedicated routes for companies that wish to out-source their deliveries, but we also make one-time deliveries as necessary. We would be happy to meet with you to set up a delivery route for your business or take over a route you may be driving yourself now. Instead of making deliveries, you could be working on building your business. You won’t need to maintain a delivery fleet or manage drivers when you have Koene Couriers on the job. Unlike an employee who might call in sick or an independent contractor whose van might break down, Koene Courier Service has back-up drivers and vehicles.

Delivery Range

KCS is based in Madison, Wisconsin, though we make deliveries to neighboring states as well. Koene couriers have watched the sunrise delivering baked goods around town. We’ve brought paint shipments from Des Moines after midnight. We’ve delivered pallets to Madison, boxes to the Twin Cities, and single envelopes to hospitals in Chicago. Yet KCS is still a small, local company with customer service that can’t be matched. You always get the owner on the phone. We have the flexibility to deliver weekends and holidays and at almost any hour.


Koene Courier Service, LLC began during the Great Recession subcontracting for a large mail-sorting firm and helping small, local bakeries develop their distribution networks. Over the years our customers have ranged from tiny start-ups to multinational corporations to government agencies. We’ve delivered library books for Arrowhead Library System, paint for PPG Paints, pharmaceuticals for Shopko pharmacy, bagels for Gotham Bagels, and mail for Pitney Bowes, to name a few. Flexibility, customer service and a can-do spirit are the cornerstones on which KCS is built. When you really need a reliable, can-do courier, you need a Koene courier.